Meet The Po It Up Whiskey Podcast!


Michael Outcalt

Mike is a purveyor of whiskies from around the world and a champion of the whiskey community. He enjoys collecting, sampling and reviewing Bourbon, Japanese, Irish, Scotch, Rye, Canadian and World Whiskies. He became engrossed in the whiskey world after attending WhiskyFest in 2017 and 2018 along with co-founding a Whiskey Club with 40 members. He is passionate about Po It Up and believes fervently that the best whiskey is shared with friends.  Cheers!



Devin Mitchell

Devin has always loved whiskey, but became infatuated with it after traveling to Japan. From hunting for the best whiskey everywhere in Yokohama, Tokyo and Shinjuku along with tons of researching, a hobby was born. Bringing back foreign gems for Mike truly taught him that the best parts of whiskey are what you get out of sharing great drams with great. friends. Allocated whiskey helps... An ample amount of drinking later and a subtle comment from Rose and the Po It Up whiskey podcast was born!

Rose Haag

Rose loves exploring whiskies and discovering bottles that come to remind her of loved ones and great memories. Kind of like music, a good dram can take you back in time and help you relive special memories. She loves tasting and discussing all things whiskey with Mike and Devin. As an avid podcast listener, she was inspired to turn their know-how and silly banter into a whiskey podcast of their own. She is proud to see the growth of the whiskey podcast and enjoys recording, editing, and sometimes co hosting on Po It Up!